Rabu, 10 April 2013


I'm so busy this week. I'm study hard for the national exam. But of course it doesnt make me stop blogging xoxo :D I take some photos last night. I'm sorry for a bad quality. Check it out !

pink ribbon & pink tanktop - my mom's shop
pink outer - flea market
blue flare denim - button skirt
Twinkle black platform - signature ditchy

Selasa, 02 April 2013


have you ever love someone for such a long time, but he never know it?
have you ever feel unnoticed by someone you love?
I feel it now..

I've loved him from the first time we met. I never thought I would fall this hard. I think I can be with him. But now, I guess I'm wrong. Why does he should be with my friend? and why do I need to sacrifice (AGAIN) ?
I have a heart too. A fragile one. He can break it anytime he wants. But it's so unfair. He always act like he like me too. He always can make me smile but a second later I cry. It's so hurt when I see him with her. Too hurt! I'm tired hiding my heart. I want to tell him but HOW? I'm the girl, and I'll not tell it first. And now he has a gf, I dont want to ruin them.