Sabtu, 15 September 2012


I love to smile :) Every photos I took show you that I love to :) Smile could make us healthier, right? xoxoxo xD I love pastel and choco lately. So I wanna took some photos of my chocopastel outfit.

Sleveless pastel top from my mom's shop :) short and bag from a thrift store. Flatshoes from a store near my castle <3

I'm so sorry for a bad quality photos because I still took them with my mobile camera.
Your comments would make my day ! :)

Sabtu, 08 September 2012

September giveaway from ACHTER feat Rusydina Tamimi

Yeahhhh... I love giveaway. Ada giveaway lagi loh dari Achter. Tapi kali ini featuring Mbak Rusydina Tamimi.. Mau tau hadiahnya apa? penasarannnn? Nih gue kasih gambarnya

Gue suka banget ama tasnyaaa :D looks vintage <3 Gue harap gue bisa menang :)) Aminnnnnnn :)
mau ikut juga? klik disini !!! *click click*

Rabu, 05 September 2012


hello peoples... it's such a year since I didn't write anything in this blog. I've been terrorized by some exams and homeworks lately. And thanks God now can babbling again xoxoxo xD


Now I'm gonna write about my romance life. It's such a gloomy night. Honestly, I knew him about five years ago. It's such a long time, nope? but I dont know how, a year ago this feeling came. And of course, without my permission. I tried to be close to him. but it's so hard since he had a gf. You know what? It's hurt. I tried to forget him, but it's so hard... Day by day, I was waiting for him. And that day came. He broke up with his gf. Do you know I was so damn happy right that time? it's just like rainbow after the rain. And I tried again to be close to him. he told me his story, and so was I. it was a wonderful days. no tears came. I was smiling every time. But it doesn't last long. there's another girl who likes him too. when I figured it out, I was like dying inside. but I acted like nothing happened.stay happy, laugh, but he didn't realize it was a fake one. One day, he knew that she loved him. and the most hurting is, he liked her too... :'(  I'm tormented. until that day come, when I heard that he was now in a relationship with her. it's just like "KILL ME NOW!!!" . should I wait for you again? or should I go? can you hear me? I know the answer :(


I will try now. Try to FORGET him !!! :))