Jumat, 08 November 2013

How to Wear Juju Shoes

Hello guys :)
This is my first fashion tip. Now, I'm gonna share you about how to wear Juju shoes.

1. Combine your juju shoes with denim skirt, dress, or anything you have. It gives you more classic look.


2. Mix your juju shoes with bold color outfit.


 3. Wear it with dress or mini skirts + socks. Girly look doesn't always with heels , nope?

4. Mix it with your jeans. Boyish but still stunning, isn't it?

5. Last but not least, wear it with pastel outfit. I think this is the best one <3

So, what's your favorite one?
If you have any request for the next fashion tips, let me know by your coments :)
See you in the next post :)

Jumat, 01 November 2013

Love and Girls ♥♥♥

Girls twinkling like glitter, shining!
The sound of our heels ring out — 1, 2, 3, 4!
Ooh~ We are So brilliant!
That quote from SNSD's song "love and girls" is so describe me. I love to be loved and loving the others. Because everyone including you is lovable. I love spreading my love by cheering up people. "Yeah, that's her, a talkative-friendly-hilarious-cheerful girl", everybody who knows me would say it. I'm so happy because I can bring love to everyone in anytime, any situation, and of course anywhere. It gives me a feeling of being a needed person. Twinkling like glitter among the people I love.
Well, so much "love" word in this post, may be because now I'm falling in love ( what? ) xoxoxo :D
Always be me! Always be a happy person!

Indian twig tee - Mono Tee
short - thrift

Minggu, 13 Oktober 2013


A-yoooo bloggerss!!!
how's life? been busy noww... But I'm still trying to update my blog. Miss u guys to the moon and back!
I'm great right now :) Feel so grateful for the blesses I got. Yeah, God is good!
These are some picts I took 2 weeks ago. I combine my nude dress with vintage moccasin <3
The picture quality is not really good, sorry for that. Always be fashionable even in the busiest week. The journey was just started. I'm totally readyyy.. Hiiiyaaaaaaa \(^o^)/

 Nude dress - This is April
Shoes - MM Shoes
Eiffel Vintage Wristwatch - Chugs

lennon glasses - veebeestore

Minggu, 08 September 2013

Into The New World

long time no see readers :) Miss u too the max :D
Finally, I'm officially become a college student. Yippieee \(^o^)/ I come into the new world. I got new friends in new environment. It's not really hard to adapted with them. Since I'm still in the same town. I've through some process such as Eureka. Eureka is an event to welcoming new students in Medical Faculty of Tanjungpura University. Eureka is a abbreviation of Exploring Campus for new FK Untan Academicians. It held in 3 days. Too much experience I had. Too much feeling I got. Too much people I met ( and because of that I forget some people's names) :D
I'm gonna post some photos me in red :D

I really love these cross bracelets <3

Weird pose, why not? :D

See u in the next post guyssssss :))

Selasa, 04 Juni 2013


Summer is coming up... It means holidayyy. Yippiee... :D But in my hometown, summer is everyday.I live in Pontianak that crossed by an equator line. Consequently, the weather is totally hot. Even in rainy season. Sometimes I like it, but sometimes not. Get dehydration is a daily problem. But yet, I love my town! :D

 This is my first time to get my outfit post outside my house ( not really ) haha :D

 I love this patrick wristwatch and cross necklace so damn muchhhh <3
 Back of me ( loving my hair )

Lacey top and houndstooth skirt - thrift store
Tom shoes - gift

Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

Lost in My Dream

Heyhoo peopleee :D
I'm back! I'm in holiday right now, and YES I'm happy. I mean its just like in the heaven when you just go around without thinking about homework or test or whatever you do in the school. But still I miss it. I miss all my craziness I did with my friend :')
But my life still going on. I have so many dreams for my future. About the university, the job, everything :) I hope I have a bright future. yeahhhh... \(^o^)/

headband, tanktop : my mom's shop
vest : thrift store
blue navy skirt : Button skirt
Twinkle black platform : Signature Ditchy ( Ditchy Mitchy )

Rabu, 10 April 2013


I'm so busy this week. I'm study hard for the national exam. But of course it doesnt make me stop blogging xoxo :D I take some photos last night. I'm sorry for a bad quality. Check it out !

pink ribbon & pink tanktop - my mom's shop
pink outer - flea market
blue flare denim - button skirt
Twinkle black platform - signature ditchy