Sabtu, 27 Februari 2016

Just wanna tell...

I dont know how to start this.
Recently, I feel emptiness inside me. Usually when I feel like this, I would do something so that I could just forget it. But this time, it doesn't work.
Honestly, it seems like I'm missing someone. I don't know who. But it feels like I really desperate. I think I know why, but I think I don't. Isn't is weird?
Well just wanna tell you that about 7 years ago, I had a crush with someone. You can call him my first love lol :D
I really liked him. I kept my feeling for my own and never told him. We were friends but not so close. I rarely talked to him, I think it only once or twice. But I can't kept that secret for a long time. I told one of my friend that I liked him and my friend accidentally told him about that. After that, we never be the same again. He never talked to me and I was so afraid to start it too. But I felt that after he knew my feeling, he became like to teased me. But only with action, never a word. And I like it so much. Every time I passed his class, I hope that I could meet him.
After we graduated, since we entered the different school, I only meet him once. It was when I was in the last year of high school. But we acted like we don't know each other. It hurts but since we always like that in the pass, I never mind it. Instead, I was so happy that I could meet him again. Even just for a while.
I'm in college right now, but sincerely, no one ever able to make me feel like that. Some men try to get my attention but still they can move my heart. But him, he didn't even do anything but I fell in love anyway. I don't know why, may be its just because I don't like them or may be I still can't let him go. But really I have forgotten him. For me he only my first love, never more. So, I think I have open my heart for anyone. It just I don't meet someone that can make me love again.
I keep asking myself why I write something like this lol :D
But I feel a little bit relieved. Thanks for reading my story :)