Minggu, 06 September 2015

Lion Heart

Annyeong :)
I'm just done covering another Girls' Generation's song called Lion Heart. I think it's gonna be one of my favorite. It has a retro tempo with a little touch of rap in the end of the song. The choreography is so fun and easy to learn. I learned it in only 2 days! The lyric is about a girl who want to tame a lion heart man. The album has a similar name that came out with 2 title tracks, the another one called You Think. While in Lion heart has a fun yet lovely melody, You think have a strong tempo and powerful voice. You think lyric tell us about a guy who spread a rumors about his ex after they broke up. My fav line is the chorus when the girl says "You think you real cool? You're not! Boy, you ain't cooler than me, nah!"

I really love this album. The opening song in that video is also from it. The song title is Green Light and of course, I like it too :)
Enjoy people :)
Bye :)