Selasa, 21 Agustus 2012


hello fellas.. it's so long since my last post. Just like what I've said, last week I was so busy. But thanks God this time I can post about outfit again *smile* =))

I got this faded dress from Ariamall Indonesia :) I love this dress so much. It's so comfortable and sporty but still chic <3 

My everlasting shoe, "converse" xD I can mix match this shoe with any outfit I want.

I bought this cross necklace and coin bracelet from the store near my home :) And this wavy black bangle and brown headband from my mom's shop =))

note : sorry for the low quality photos. I used my phone to picture them.

Senin, 06 Agustus 2012


This week will be my busy week I guess. I almost have no times to take some photos. And fyi, I just need 5 minutes to captured them xD

Maroon Clara Dress from Agree to Shop :) thanks for the gift ! <3

My lovely DIY pinky blue dreamcatcher. I think this is one of the hardest DIY thing I've ever made. I need more than 3 hours just to made the hexagon. And for the fur, I know it's not the same as the original dreamchatcher, because it's so hard to find it. So I decided to used those ones. However, it's not too bad right? xD 

Sparkling Bracelets and beads turtle ring. I love them so much. 

Brown Platform heels.


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